My Projects

Here is a little overview of my projects that actually have something to show. There are, trust me, a lot more of these, but there isn't much to see or write about them.

Most of these are not finished! and they should be mostly sorted as I created them.


Catch the Smiley
This was my first game I made with the help of the tutorials.

The Ball
I will always love this game, as it is my own very first game I created.

Sifter of Death
This was a Rambo style, smiley face shooting game that was full of bugs and I couldn't code so good so I quit it.

A attempt of using TCP/IP multiplayer to play a Nazi Zombies game.

A horrible attempt at a platformer game.

Smiley Creator
If you're into Smiley faces, then you will love this. It has body parts for a smiley, and a randomize button so you can make your very own smiley!

Rainbow Online
An attempt at making a MMO platform game, that got a lot popular, but I wasn't up for it.
The Crime Town
My friend (SuperEvilNick) and I wanted to make a GTA clone.

Drawing Program
A somewhat successful attempt at making a Paint like program.

Another futile attempt at a MMO platform game.

A funny little thing I made after GM8 came out. It is horribly optimized and requires the PC the size of the Hadron collider to run it.

Configuration Utility

A top down logic puzzle game, where you need to change states to advance through levels. Became open-source.

Unnamed Platformer
My first attempt at a commercial game. However I got too bored of finishing it.

The Ball 2: Live Current (it's not the sequel)
This was my first entry for a GMC Jam that failed so hard. And the game is a failure too xD The engine is taken from the sequel.

Star Fighter
A great top-down game with a major memory leak.

Image Studio
My attempt to be a rival to Adobe Photoshop! Quite good for Paint if it works.

Minecraft 2D Engine

The Ball 2 Editor
I was making Ball 2 for a long time, but I've gone into quite a trouble with it I had to quit.

This is for now the most popular thing I created in GM. It's a user interface fully in GM, so it is quite customizable.

The troll entry for GMC Jam 12, I managed to get 54th place out of 60, and TWO video reviews on YT, as far as I know. Yay! Made in ~30 minutes under no substance abuse.
Trolling on the GMC, I made this funny rating system.

My entry for the GMC Jam 14. It won 37th place and the special award "Best use of Handicap".

Currently I am working on a Point and Click Adventure Game Creation Tool, and you can read about the updates on this blog.

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