Game Maker

A collection of scripts and examples that I wrote for use in Game Maker.
There are currently 27 scripts, available to download as a zip archive here.
There are also 3 examples available to download, near the bottom of the page.

To download, Right click > Save Link As...

Computation (11)
Gameplay (1)

User Interaction (4)

Graphics (6)

Sound (0)
No scripts.

Resources (3)

File System (2)

GM Examples (3)
One Script Pong Example (GMK)
GM Game Recorder
Circle Collision Triangle (GMK, GMZ)

I am currently taking script commissions, and you may do so by posting what you need down here, or PM-ing me on the GMC.

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  1. hello shadowrend we are a group of graphic design students from Santiago Chile, we are now coursing a video game workshop in which we were challenged to create a video game,unfortunately none of us knows how to program... we managed to make the game work but still we have a lot of problems and doubts. I hope you can help us and be our mentor plese.

    Thank you very much
    Andres Reyes