About Me


My name is Nikola Nešić, but you might know me as Shadowrend. I live in Serbia, Belgrade.

I started imagining making games somewhere at the age of six. As I didn't know how to use the computer real great, and certainly I didn't know any programming languages, I doodled how the game and the characters would look like, imagining some day it might actually happen.

As years passed, I kept drawing and drawing, but still I couldn't make any games. But then in 2007 I discovered Game Maker. It was then Game Maker 7, and I downloaded the free version from the website, as well as the tutorials.
At first even the Catch the Clown was challenging, but I started understanding how the program worked quite fast, and managed to re-create the tutorial, alongside some of my own ideas, all on my own in a few hours. You can download it here. After finishing all the tutorials, I started working on a game I wanted to make for many years, The Ball. For which I got the inspiration from the original Nokia's game. However, those two weren't the same. I kept making it, adding my stuff. At some point I showed it to my IT professor and he wanted me to join the local IT competition with this game as my project. After acing the initial math test, we (there were several applicants) were given a deadline to finish our projects. I made it all the way to the city competition, where they required knowledge of C++, VB or C# to continue.
However failing this didn't affect badly in my life. I started to learn more, and as time passed I started coding simple games on my own after some ten months. In that period I also got myself the Pro version, which had no limitations.

Time passed, and I created many projects, most of which never saw the light of day. In the meantime I joined the YoYo Games website and the GMC forum, where I was greeted by a warm community of people who mostly wanted to help others. I joined up under the name "Shadowrend", аs I really liked the sword from TES 4: Oblivion - Shivering Isles. Joining it made my life very simple, as if I didn't know something I could ask for help.
During my GMC activity, I created numerous games and I posted some, mostly horrible attempts, that never got finished. I also created a topic that led to both the reputation system and custom member titles!

After finishing elementary, I started going into a art high school, learning how to be an industrial designer. It was a fun experience, but at the end I was more interested into fiction and drawing characters instead of technical drawings and CAD programs. So I managed to enlist the Faculty of Applied Arts, and started being one of four students of Animation, which is quite a feat.

I also love music, and I play the guitar, alto saxophone, piano, harmonica, recorder and several more instruments. I am fluent in Serbian and English, however I can speak some French, Italian, German, Spanish and Russian. I am very interested in science, mostly astronomy and cosmology, but also chemistry, natural sciences and mathematics and physics.