Memory Piano


Memory Piano is a audio memory game, testing both your ears, brain and eyes. The goal is simple—re-play the notes that are played by the program.
They are randomly selected, and are quarter notes played in 4/4 at 120 bpm (approx. 2 notes per second). You have two full octaves at your disposal, but so does the program! The range is C4-C6, without semi-tones, so you can either play songs you know, or doodle around if you don't!

Note that before you start playing, introduce yourself to the controls, and try to learn the notes. It helps if you already have musical knowledge, and it's even better when you have absolute hearing, but if you don't this will help you get at least some of it!
Created for GMC Jam 14 by Shadowrend
Thanks to Greenblizzard for fixing a large bug, which made the game very bad.

The game still needs some more features, and those will be added.

Download (5.23 MB)