Game Recorder

Have you ever wanted to record a bit of your game and post that .gif somewhere? Most programs offer you low quality or bad manipulation. Well now you needn't look no more!
This is an open source example that works only with Game Maker 7, 8, 8.1 and Mac versions! It is possible to use it with GM:S, but you cannot select the directory where to save your recording.

All you need to do is import the single object into your project, place it in the room and whenever you want to record just hit "R" (or the key of your choice). Since it is open source, you can modify anything you want! The engine also supports area recording, so you can record a custom area of your game.

The engine supports 9999 recordings of infinite duration (determined by your HDD space) in one folder! More than 9999 and it will start overwriting. It also has the frame modulation option, so you can slow down or speed up the recording real-time.

The output is a directory with ".png" frames of your recording. All you need to do now is merge them into a .gif file or an animation with a program and post previews of your game!


DevBlog Live!

I was wondering whether to post this or not, but I guess some people might be interested so what the hell.

Here it is.
You can also get to it by clicking the page.



Hi! I've created this funny rating system for you using the Sheen-O-Meter

Just download the exe and start rating stuff!

PS: Charlie, respect, this is just for a bit of fun :) If you want me to remove it, I will.


One Script Pong Game Example

Hello! I've made an example of how to make a diverse remake of the classic Pong game in GM, using only one script!

        This example has the following:      
        -Player vs AI
        -Two Player Game
        -AI vs AI
        -Individual Scoring
        -Customizable Colours

        -Customizable Pong and Players
        -Customizable Map
        -Speed Managing
        -Key Mapping
        And they are all easy to customize, so you can make a pong game of your own, since the script is heavily commented!

Have fun!