Project Map

As the program is quite complex, and has quite a number of features, I've made a "Mind Map" to keep things organized, as well so that I can add or remove, or write something down for that, so that I have a plan what to work on.
In this post I will only explain the basics on how the program should work, and give you the preview of the mind map.

The program is divided into four sections, three of which are pre-programmed and created, while the fourth one needs to be created by the user. These are:

1. Engine
The core part of the tool, as this is what enables the game to function and work. The engine features NavMeshes, Dialogues, AI and engine functions, that are actually program settings.

2. User Interface
This sections covers the interface and the user-computer communications. Featuring a HUD with the actions and the inventory, save/load functions and interaction on the scene.

3. Tool
This is planned for a future version, since without this you cannot create anything in this engine without the source. This is also the most complex thing, as it will feature a composite nodes system, which was covered in a previous topic, integrated GML scripting and GLSL ES for shaders, an audio sync tool, which is used to fix dialogue voice timings, but can be also used to modify the sound, objects, and the necessary functions like saving and loading your project, and exporting it as a standalone. The tool also features a four editors, a scene editor, in which you setup the objects and the visual part of the scene, then a cutscene editor, where you can create scripted events, making the cutscenes rendered in real-time. The particle editor and the shader editor are the part of the composite nodes system, but they are major functions.
The DLL's the engine uses are just my notes. Since FMOD is so damn expensive for commercial products, I will probably use a free version of a similar sound engine. Cypher will provide the file archiving and protection, so that others cannot steal the resources if you want.

4. The Game
This section is what is needed to be created by the user. It is the game content.

The bottom section shows the menu options for the game, that should be available.

You can preview the map here.

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