NavMesh Types

I am currently thinking what kind of a NavMesh creation I would put in the tool/engine I am making. What is a NavMesh? Well, it is a area that the program uses to set the boundaries in which the player can move freely. So that doesn't mean that you can only move on a single 2D path, you can move in "3D". Something like this:
So now you can move not just left right, but up and down. This kind of movement system is used in all point and click games (save the few exceptions). So the NavMesh is the red line. And it's the whole mesh, or the area in which the player can move.
But now comes the problem how should the mesh be created. And I have two answers. The first way of doing it, is using nodes at every corner that can be moved around, and new ones created. So you would end up with a single NM. The second possibility is to use rectangles, that can be manipulated to create blocks or parts of the mesh. Then they would be connected using a connector tool.

Both of these have their good sides and bad sides, but what kind do you prefer, and which one would be simpler to use?


  1. Nodes are going to probably be your best option long term. They'll take a bit to get set up to work precisely as intended and compatible with whatever else you'll create like level editors. But they're going to give a lot of flexibility that you'll find yourself hard-pressed for if you choose a more rudimentary approach that works now (ran into that a couple times myself, now). Typically will be more efficient, especially if you decide to do more special things with the area whether in regards to functionality or visuals.

    Best of luck!

  2. Thank you Anonymous replier, whoever you are!
    Good thing I got the entire thing worked out for that, so now just to modify it and improve.