GM WinUI updated to 1.3.2

After 2 years and 9 days (lol) it was updated from 1.3.1 to 1.3.2, bringing some new stuff like Davve's textbox and GML colouring, and some minor bugfixes and changes. You can download it here: Download See the original topic: Original topic


Actions and Dialogue

Today I managed to put up the actions bar, that is the HUD, and as well I created a basic dialogue. The dialogue and the HUD allows for customization, so every game can look different in every aspect. This is one of the main goals of this engine - diversity. Make every game look different, or same if one chooses so. I am putting as much possibilities as the program allows me.
The pause menu is working now, not all of the buttons, but the ones that can work now, work. The entire engine is faster (0.000001%) as I improved some code. The engine runs good with everything connected, and here is the screenshot to prove so:
The "Hello GMC" is how the dialogue can look. The dialogue has several options:
  • Text color
  • Stroke or shadow, as well as both at the same time, and independent colors for both.
  • Font and size
  • Timing (time it stays on the screen)
The pause menu is the big thing in the center of the screen. It looks like ScummVM's pause, but I said it is only temporary. It is as well changable, and it can even be a roundrect. The info shown on it will be the program's logo (or game logo) the engine's current version and time/date.

The white cross on the "Save" button is the current cursor.

Below all of that, on the bottom is the old-familiar action menu. It is currently set to 9 actions, but more can be easily added. It is all automatically drawn, so it is quite easy to modify any aspect of it.

Work started on the Point and Click Engine

I started working on this engine as I don't see many point and click games made in GM due to the complicated nature of the games. And because I love P&C games, and with this engine I can make a ton of them. The engine should be able to create LucasArt's like SCUMM games, as that is my inspiration.

The first day went good, I've managed to finish the most important things of the base for the engine - controls, engine interface and engine settings, as well as making the Pause menu, but only its visual part. Although it looks like the ScummVM emulator, I will change it before the first release, currently I am only mimicking it.
I've also implemented the set of scripts I almost always put in every project of mine. You can see and download these scripts here soon.